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*Be safe. Know the rules.    

*These rules are for everyone’s enjoyment.      

*If you have any questions please ask a staff member for assistance.      

*If you feel you cannot observe these rules, do not play!

All Players must fill out a Waiver before being allowed to play. 

In the date part, say Yes to Private Party - Choose what Date and Event you are attending. Ex 4/21 Paintball Open Play




All players under 18 must have parent signature on waiver. (8 year old minimum age for Gel Blaster, 10 for 50cal low impact) 

Crossfire Paintball is a Field Paint Only facility.  Only Crossfire's paintballs are allowed (this helps keep our players’ safe). 

All markers (guns) must be chronographed to 290fps or less. Semi-auto only. All markers must have a trigger guard installed.

All markers must have a barrel bag installed while not on the playing field. If you loose your barrel bag, see a staff member and get a replacement (for $8.00). 

No shooting over boundaries or in any public areas. Markers are to be fired in designated areas only. No blind firing, shoot only at what you can see. Do not over shoot other players.

A mask approved for Paintball must be worn at all times while on the field. Removing your mask in the playing area will result in your ejection from the field, no refunds.

To be eliminated a ball must break and leave a mark on you or any equipment you carry (gun hits usually count). If you are eliminated call hit, raise your marker or hand over your head and leave the field. Install your barrel bag before you leave the field. 

You may call for a paint check on your self or an opponent. You are not neutral unless a field judge calls you neutral. Do not advance or fire on a neutral player. The judge’s calls are final and will not be reversed.


Alcohol or drugs are not permitted.

Fighting, Profanity or Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

Crossfire  is not responsible for lost or stolen property. MARK YOUR GEAR!  Please contact the staff immediately if you are missing something. 


This list of rules may be amended and added to at any point by Crossfire

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