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.68cal Paintballs

The Standard Size

For many years this was the only style paintball available.  The paintballs are approximatly the size of a nickle.  

of 8 plus

Rental Needed


(No nickel and diming here.  You won't need anything else) 

3 Hours Playtime,

Thermal Lens Mask,

Pod pack to hold extra rounds, 

Unlimited High Pressure Air,

Semi-auto Tippmann Marker,

500 paintballs 

Extra paintballs are $19.99 per 500

Self Equipped

$9.99 less


10+ People – $25.00 off of one person’s rate


15+ People, $45.00 package free for one person               (for the Bachelor, B-Day person, planning person, etc.)

Less than 8 people

Open Play/ Walk on Games

(see calendar tab for schedule)

Rentals Needed

Same as Private Parties tab

Self Equipped 

$25.00 for playtime, unlimted air, and 500 paintballs. 

$40.00 for playtime, unlimted air, and 1000 paintballs. 

$55.00 for playtime, unlimted air, and 2000 paintballs. 

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