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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paintball? 
Paintball is a fun, safe combination of tag and hide & seek. Although there are many varieties of game formats, typically a group will split into two teams to play "capture the flag". The object of "capture the flag" is to capture the other teams flag while protecting your own. During your attempt at capturing their flag you also try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball shot from a special paintball marker. 

What are Paintballs made of?
A paintball is a round, gelatin capsule similar to large round vitamin capsules or bath oil beads. The fill inside is non-toxic, water soluble and biodegradable, which rinses out of clothing with mild soap. 

What happens when I am hit with a Paintball?
If the ball breaks anywhere on you or your equipment, you are eliminated from that game. Return to staging and get ready for the next game. 

Does it hurt?
...only when you lose! Actually, that's true, but here is the answer you're probably looking for... Every paintgun is checked for velocity before each game so that the paintballs are flying at less than 300 feet per second. At these speeds, the ball's impact is more startling than painful, something like the quick sting of a rubberband. 

I've never played before, will I be "out-gunned?"
No experience is necessary. Special attention is given to beginner players with beginners' games, along with top-line rentals, to guarantee that a fun time is had by all. 

How much does it cost?
Prices vary depending on if you rent our equipment, use your own, and how much paint you use. Please see 'Rates' section for specifics.

What should I wear?
Camouflage or dark colored, loose fitting, light-weight clothing that you don't mind getting dirty (the paintballs wash out). Rental protective gear is provided at the field, as well as rental camouflage if desired.

What is Co2, Nitrogen and Compressed Air?
Co2, Nitrogen and Compressed Air are propellant gasses that paintball markers use to shoot a paintball. All do basically the same thing, just in different forms.

What's the difference between pump, semi-automatic and full automatic paintball guns?
A pump gun is a type of marker that must be manually re-cocked every time you shoot a ball. It is not like a BB gun that has to pumped up to shoot. A semi-auto gun re-cocks itself every time you pull and release the trigger (cycle one time). With full-auto, once you pull the trigger it will continuously discharge paintballs (repeat cycle) until you release it.

Why play at Crossfire Paintball?
Safe. Convenient. Social. 

A properly run field has many things in place to make game play as safe as possible. It starts with a chronograph, this is a device that reads the velocity of the ball as it leaves the marker in feet per second. 

If you need paint, air or a gun fixed this can be found on site. 

Our fields are a melting pot of players and you can learn new things and make new friends, designed for paintball with forts, walls, trenches, bunkers speedball and many things the average player can't get in there own back yard. 

Do you play in the rain?
Yes, we continue games in the rain but high humidity may cause problems with some paintball markers. We will not run games if lightning is present. 

Can we bring out a group?
Absolutely, we can handle just about any size group. We have had parties as small as two, to as large as 86. Groups can come out on the weekends or during the week, just call us at 320-253-5630 or 605-361-5200 to make a reservation. Groups of 20 or more are eligible for discounts, visit our rates page for more info.



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