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Corporate Outings at Crossfire Paintball

Team building or stress-relief, Crossfire Paintball is the perfect place.


Being able to plan effectively, follow through, think on your feet, solve problems, and work well with others under intense conditions are vital skills in today's workplace. Any company, business organization, or other organization that requires its members to work together as a unit would benefit from paintball. While the game is often played tongue-in-cheek and without serious forethought, trying to consistently win in paintball is a very different matter. A winning team requires thought put into strategic planning, smooth cooperation and coordination among team members on the playing field, and the ability of individuals to adapt to rapidly changing and unforeseen events. Companies around the world are discovering the usefulness of a day or evening at the paintball field to help members hone these skills and build camaraderie, while having an absolute blast doing it.

"All of us had a great time yesterday.  It was fun to do something different than the usual golf scramble. ...  Thanks for having us out there and making our day fun.  Everyone said they would like to do it again, so I am sure you will see us again."
Steven Leen - Kern, DeWenter, Viere, Ltd

"Thanks to you and your staff for hosting the networking event that I attended today.  It was a great way to meet with people outside of work and have some fun.  Thanks again."     
Brad Barz - Attorney - Grey Plant Mooty  

"American Heritage National Bank proudly supports the local businesses of  St. Cloud, even if it means we may get shot for it.  Thanks Crossfire for the exciting fun and opportunity to meet new friends!"
J (Jay) Johnston - Executive Vice President  

"I just wanted to say thanks to the guys out at Crossfire Paintball. The day was great-the equipment worked super and we had a great time. We used the time at Crossfire Paintball as a networking approach to meeting other professionals in the area. The crew was very knowledgeable and safety was of high importance. GreatJob!"
Curt Gainsforth - VP Community Business Banking - Bremer Bank          

"Crossfire Paintball was more than just great fun, it was a teambuilding and training opportunity. It built our confidence, broke down barriers, and developed leadership skills."
- Curt Stile, President C&D Granite

"For a very small investment we got to know the strengths and weaknesses of our staff and ourselves. It was clear to see those who would go the extra mile when the chips were has been very worthwhile and look forward to going again soon." 
- Jim Schuller, President S.J.Lewis Construction

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